Focus Solutions provides IT & Human Capital solutions and consulting services for its clients.  Focus solutions focuses on a number of key practice areas including Management & Human Resources consulting; Organizational Design & Development; Strategic Management & Planning; customized training:

-Human Capital solutions and consulting services

Focus Solutions provides Consulting services in Human Capital.  Focus Solutions partners with clients to find solutions for Human Resource challenges.   Specialized services include Human Resources consulting, Human Resource systems, employee compensation, training and development, Human Resources policies and procedures, competency development and Human resources support. Focus Solutions provides expertise in Human Capital Management, competency models / frameworks, performance management program design & implementation, organizational design, compensation systems and incentive plans, … for organizations seeking to achieve a more flexible workforce.

-Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) 


Recently, regulators and the firming industry have increased recognition of the importance of ERM. Developments such as technology, e-commerce, mergers and acquisitions, emergence of firms as large-volume service providers, outsourcing and financing techniques to reduce credit and market risk, all create new ERM which can be substantial. This recognition has led to an increased emphasis on the importance of sound ERM and practice and greater prominence of ERM in internal capital assessment and allocation
The purpose of this proposal is to clarify the ERM processes and the ERM Associate role and functional disciplines. It also provides standard risk definitions and tools that ERM the basis for having sound ERM Management within all functions in the firm
The set of ERM processes is needed in order to consistently identify, assess, measure, suitably mitigate, monitor and report ERM factors for all new initiatives, as well as all current activities, which are executed across the Firm


The main objectives of ERM Implementation Plan are to ensure that:
• The Firm’s board of directors and senior management, as appropriate, are actively involved in the oversight of the ERM management framework
• The Firm has an ERM management framework that is conceptually sound and is implemented with integrity
• The Firm has sufficient resources in the use of the approach in all lines of business and other functional areas within the Firm


ERM Framework consists of three main categories, which are:
First: Policy Framework
This Framework defines the processes that should be used to meet the requirements needed for implementing ERM Management in the Firm. The Policy Framework includes the following:
• ERM Management Processes.
• ERM Dictionary.
• Key (Minimum) Control Standards – Generic.
• Product Risk Policy.
• ERM Management Library.

Second: Tools Framework
This framework defines the tools and responsibilities for carrying out the ERM Management Processes mentioned in the Policy Framework. It includes the following topics:
• ERM Governance Structure.
• ERM Committee Charter.
• Risk and Control Self-Assessment.
• Key Risk Indicators.
• ERM Reporting.

Third: Implementation User Guide
This framework defines the requirements needed to implement the ERM Tools Framework. It also defines the risk factors related to ERM implementation process, in order to mitigate these factors in a manner way. It includes the following topics:
• ERM Project Risk Factor Interpretation.
• ERM Associates.
• People Change Management.

Fourth: System and Application

This solution will provide full automation for risk department and risk functionality in addition to compliance risk functions of the organization. The system will cover risk matrix and risk appetite, operations, and the process of the entity.


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