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Karama Computer Services Co.(KCSC) has been established in 1991 in Jordan to be a member of the KCSC group of companies that have been functioning in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and other Arab countries since 1977. The KCSC group has been providing total computer services covering Consultancy, Training, Data Entry, Software Development, Hardware Sales and Support, and Total Turnkey Business Solutions.

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OrgChart empowers HR professionals to manage their organizations efficiently and plan for their business’ evolution. OrgChart captures, organizes, and empowers you to present HR data with unmatched visuality and detailed visibility into your organization’s people.

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Gresham Technologies

Gresham Technologies plc, known as Gresham Tech, is a software and services company that specialises in providing real-time transaction control and enterprise data integrity solutions. Gresham Technologies plc is a global leader in mission critical software and automation solutions for financial services.

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