Write Off


Whereas the banks has written-off/ compromised certain facilities as per Bank’s policy, the FOCUS WO enables recording the required information in respect of such accounts. The module enables various monitoring reports, progress of compromise accounts.


Calculate provisions depends on central bank rules.
Provision simulation.
Track all stages and debt issues.
Interactive charting.
Central Bank Reports.
Supports tracking of officer performance.
Smart alarms alert you of upcoming tasks at designated intervals.
Multi lingual.
Interface with external systems.
Callback reminder alerts collectors when callbacks are due.
Real estate execution process.



Financial gains by automating debt collection and special recovery activities.
Optimize recovery income.
Track balance, interest and provisions.
Makes it easier to achieve objectives that have the biggest impact on profitability and productivity, lowering risk and simplifying access to business-critical information.
Minimizes manual errors.
Improve staff productivity.
Focus collections resources on high risk cases.
Better Decision Taking/Planning.


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