Retail Collection


In the highly competitive retail-banking environment, banks are spending large marketing budgets to win new customers. The growth in the availability of credit over recent years has led to increasing numbers of banking customers becoming indebted. This has significantly affected profitability because of increased provisioning, bad debt write-off and the increasing costs of collections activity.


Multi lingual.
Interactive charting.
Smart alarms alert you of upcoming tasks at designated intervals.
Callback reminder alerts collectors when callbacks are due.
Collector activities and queues.
Payment promises.
Highly effective report generator, categorized as follows:
Management reports designed to aid the department manager.
Reports dedicated to the department officers.
Memos and reminders for the clients.
Designed to automate the following major processes:
Categorizing the entered data and saving it in the database.
Generating reports and memos.
Reminds officers of due tasks.


Financial gains by automating debt collection and special recovery activities.
Optimize recovery income.
Track balance, interest and provisions.
Makes it easier to achieve objectives that have the biggest impact on profitability and productivity, lowering risk and simplifying access to business-critical information.
Minimizes manual errors.
Improve staff productivity.
Focus collections resources on high risk cases.
Better Decision Taking/Planning.
Decrease time to collect.
Supports tracking of officer performance.
Tracking payments within specified timelines less than 90 days.
Follow Up Monitoring.

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