Legal Module


Legal Department and litigation is becoming a vital part in the financial institution, due to the worsening of the economic situation, The legal department tasks and responsibilities require data and information to be organized . Focus solutions has developed this solution in Order to generate an increase in the efficiency of legal department operation and capacity by automating management process and to help the department to get quick information.


Focus Legal Module platform is dedicated to the management of litigation process , advisory and consulting work of legal department, Remedial and Recovery department. It manages all different work of litigation and advisory work of the litigation portfolio and other responsibilities of the legal department . focusing on Data quality and filtered reports which help the senior director of the institution to access to identify the most appropriate strategies to deal with cases and legal matters.

Detailed customers information and personal information of clients, contact information, account information etc…
Detailed information of legal cases and matters sessions information, procedure information, cases costing and collection etc…
Detailed information of advisory work.
System can handle legal department operation with supported law firms operation over the cloud.
Follow up summary and reminders.


Daily reminders and follow up for actions.
Reporting services.
Can be customized based on customer request.
Web enabled and can work over the cloud.


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