Compliance Risk


Balance your risk and opportunity with our compliance risk solution FOCUS-CRS we provide, and bridge the gap betweeen the business and operations in an ever-changing regulatory environment. Embed risk and compliance activities into strategy, planning, and execution and make better decisions.


Risk Identified Based on Regality – Laws – institution Policy.
Assessment of risk based on the effect Legal Sanctions, Regulatory Sanctions, Financial Loss, Loss to Reputation.
Assessment of controls efficiency by impact and probability.
Compliance Test Result needs to be agreed by the risk owner and the controller and the compliance department.


Identify and quantify compliance risk and internal controls.
Creating linkages between compliance risk and the risk owner.
Slice and dice compliance risk data in a variety of different ways, providing new perspectives on the compliance risk profile of the bank.
Optimize Compliance Department Resources.
Continuously improve the institution compliance level.
Automate Compliance Risk Management Process, Reports, Test, and Monitoring.
Early Warring for compliance risk.
Compliance Risk Internal Controls analysis.
Improve the Compliance Risk Management Culture in the institution.
Training analysis.
Compliance KPI for employees.
Reduce the administrative burden of the CRM function.
Aggregating risk data across a wide spectrum of criteria including multiple business lines, locations and risk appetites.
Providing dashboard reporting with interactive access to underlying data for integrated and interactive reporting with maintenance of user security.
Enable improved auditability of risk management processes.
Control the compliance risk of the institution, group, department, unit, employee, etc…
Improve the internal controls for compliance risk.


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