Collateral Module


Collateral management has come to the fore as an important method of mitigating counterparty credit risk in the aftermath of the financial crisis. FOCUS CM provides a collateral management solution that gives you control over your collateral processes. The system provides you to gain a clear picture of all collaterals, to mitigate risk more effectively and optimize your collateral use across multiple products.


Definition of multiple types of Collaterals with detailed Collateral Information regarding every type (Ex. Vehicles Collateral includes: Vehicle Type, Class, Year, Insurance Company,….)
Balances and financial summary including; (Direct, Indirect), Financial Summary (Provisions, Interests, Collections, Legal Fees)
Linking the collateral with customer mortgage bonds and linking collateral with more than on customer and more than one mortgage bond (Integration with FOCUS NPL Module)
Maker Checker (Approving modifications on collaterals)


Coverage percentage; How much the collateral covering the facilities.
Collaterals coverage per type (Ex. how much is the coverage of facilities with Stocks collaterals).
Business Intelligence and Reporting (Basel II Reports, Monitoring reports..etc).
An intelligent workflow that offers at-a-glance management of delivering, receiving, reconciling and responding to collateral queries and disputes.
Reduces operational risk as you have all the relevant information gathered and accessible in one system.
Minimizes manual error and costs.
Reduces the time spent on collateral management .
Facilitates growth as risk is effectively managed.


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